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  • Results will be returned that contain all of the terms entered. For example searching for bus schedule would return anything that contains both bus and schedule in any order but not only bus or schedule by themselves.
  • Searching while you are within a course or group will return results found within that course or group. If there are no results within the course or group you will be shown results for your term from everywhere.
  • You can use + or - to include or exclude search results. For example, the search +schedule -bus will return results that contain the word schedule but not the word bus.
  • Put a word or phrase in quotes to find exact matches. Searching for "bus schedule" will search for the exact phrase bus schedule with no other words between those two.
  • You can add * at the end of a term to find results that start with that term. Searching for book* will return results for book, books, bookmark, and bookmarks. (You can also add * in the middle of a term)
  • Common words such as and, the and of are excluded from the search. To force them to be included, put a + in front of them.
  • The characters && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ ~ * ? : \ have special functions and aren’t searched for. If you need to find results that include one of those, you can put a \ in front of it and it will be searched for like a regular character. For example Abbott \& Costello or Who’s on first\?
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    ...Welcome Welcome to MY Portal, your personalized access to campus information and services!     My Portal, initially designed to replace Campus Web for students and faculty, will continue to offer additional features to eventually serve the entire Madonna University community.   Quick Tips How do I log in to MY Portal? Enter your numeric ID number in the User Name field and your PIN in the Password field. Click Login. Contact the Help Desk if you are still having problems. How do I navigate within MY Portal? Use the links in the left panel and the “bread crumbs” located under...
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    ...What is MY PORTAL? MY Portal is desgined to provide you with access to your class schedule, your grades, for financial information, and more, through views that can be customized by you.  MY Portal is continuously evolving to make sure you have the most updated information.  If you need assistance please contact the IT Help Desk,, 734-432-5800, or stop... number you'll use to access your grades and other information on MY Portal.  If you don't know your student ID number, either go to the Registrar's office in person and show a picture ID, or call...
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    ... Click on the person silhouette in the upper right corner next to the search eyeglass Click on Personal Info Under My Info, select the Biographical Info tab Click on the Pencil next to Name, Address, and Personal Details You can change your address and other personal information; however, name changes can only be done through the Office of the Registrar (, with a copy of the legal change of name documentation (marriage certificate, divorce decree (only the page with the name change), etc.) ...
    ...STUDENT EMAIL How do I sync my student email to my mobile device?   Use the following settings to sync your student email to your mobile device:   Domain:  Madonna Username: Full Student Email Address Server:     Blackboard Mobile Learn Blackboard Mobile Learn enables students and faculty to access teaching and learning wherever and whenever they want on mobile devices.  Blackboard Mobile Learn extends and enriches the course experience of Blackboard Learn, the leading web-based teaching and learning platform, in native mobile applications built...
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    .... What options are available with my student email account? Office 365 gives you:·   Access to a cloud-based email account with 25 GB of storage.      - Your own personal contacts folder and the Madonna....      - Share documents with other Office 365 users.      - Create Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote files using free apps available on your OneDrive. How do I activate and set up my student email account... email account.  How do I forward my official email?  Log into your student email account.   Click the "gear" icon located in the upper right corner. Choose "Options" from...
    other content in FAQ's in Student Help

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