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Madonna University uses the powerful course management tool Blackboard to offer online classes and to supplement traditional classes. You can extend your learning beyond the walls of the classroom.  Learn with students around the world, or on campus using Blackboard. To take an online course, you will need access to an Internet connection; Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, or Safari 5 or higher; Windows XP or MAC 10.5 or higher; and your Madonna email   


    Blackboard Workshop for Students  " How to Thrive in an Online Course"  
  Two Hour workshops are held in the computer lab, Room 1108, at the Livonia campus of Madonna University.  The Macomb Center Workshops are held in the UC2 building/room 202.

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How do I login to Blackboard?
1. Go to Madonna's Home Page, go to Quick Links, click on Blackboard.
2. Enter your Username (this is your Madonna University Student ID number).

3. Enter your Password (this is your PIN number).
4. Contact the Registrar's Office 734-432-5400 if you don't know your Student ID or PIN.
How do I change my password?
1. Login to Blackboard.
2. Locate the Tools area and select Personal Information.
3. Choose Change Password.
4. Enter the desired password in the *Password box.
5. Enter the new password again in the *Verify Password box.
6. Click the Submit button.
What do I do if my course doesn't show up in Blackboard?
Blackboard courses appear on the course list when the instructor makes the class available. Many instructors do not make the class available until the first day of the semester. Also, classes that are not "web based" or "Hybrid" may not appear on the list.
If you do not see a course on your list that you are expecting to see, please contact the on the first day of class.      

How do I remove old courses from my list?
1. Hover your mouse over the upper right corner of the My Courses panel on the right.
2. A  Gear icon will appear on the right side of the box. Click on it. 
3. A list of courses will appear, remove all check marks adjacent to courses no longer needed.
4. Click the Submit button .
How do I use Safe Assign?
Safe Assign is used with the Blackboard system to prevent plagiarism and to create opportunities to help students identify how to properly attribute sources. 
1. Items that are considers a "SafeAssignment" item will appear with a green checkmark icon. 
2. Click the >>View/Complete link.
3. The Upload SafeAssignment screen will appear. Comments to the instructor are optional.
4. Click the Browse button to search and find a file.
5. Click the Submit button to upload the document file to the Blackboard server and begin the checking process.