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Starting in May 2023, some of your courses in Blackboard may be displayed in the Ultra Course View.  These resources will help you to become familiar with the course navigation and new features. 

Please watch this video for a first look at how the navigation will appear after May 12, 2023. 

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Online Blackboard Workshop "How to Thrive in an Online Course"

This is a free course, designed as a self-paced set of lessons on how to use Blackboard for your courses at Madonna University.  We want to help you thrive instead of simply surviving in your online courses.  Click here to let us know you would like to be enrolled in the Blackboard ULTRA workshop.


Online Resources for Blackboard Ultra Course View: 

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All students pay tuition and deserve a positive and courteous learning environment. Students should be aware that their behavior impacts other people, even online. I hope that we will all strive to develop a positive and supportive environment and will be courteous to fellow students and your instructor. Due to the nature of the online environment, there are some things to remember.

1. Always think before you write. In other words, use vocabulary and tone that are appropriate in the academic setting. Messages can be misinterpreted, so please review your message before you hit the submit button.

2. Keep it relevant. There are places to chat and post for fun everyday stuff. Do not stray from the discussion in the assigned questions.

3. Never use all caps. This is the equivalent of yelling in the online world. It is not fun to read. Only use capital letters when appropriate.

4. Make sure that you are using appropriate grammar and structure. In other words I don’t want to see anyone writing “R U” instead of “are you”. There are people in the class that may not understand this type of abbreviation, not to mention it does nothing to help expand your writing and vocabulary skills. Emoticons are fine as long as they are appropriate. A smile is welcome, anything offensive is not.

5. Treat people the same as you would face-to-face. In other words it is easy to hide behind the computer. In some cases it empowers people to treat others in ways they would not in person. Remember there is a person behind the name on your screen. Treat all with dignity and respect and you can expect that in return.

6. Respect the time of others. This class is going to require you to work in groups. Learn to respect the time of others in your group and your experience will be much better. Always remember that you are not the only person with a busy schedule, be flexible. Do not procrastinate! You may be one that works best with the pressures of the deadline looming on you, but others may not be that way. The same is true for the reverse. The key to a successful group is organization, communication and a willingness to do what it takes to get it done.


Online Blackboard Workshop:

This is a free course, designed as a self-paced set of lessons on how to use Blackboard Original Course View for your courses at Madonna University.  We want to help you thrive instead of simply surviving in your online courses.


Use the following steps to self-enroll in the workshop

1. Log into Blackboard

2. Click the "Courses" link located in the upper right

3. Enter the words: "Online Blackboard"  in the Course Search box

4. Click the down arrow associated with the "Bb_Original_How_to_Thrive_for_Students_2024" course

5. Choose the "Enroll" option

6. Click the "Submit" button

7. Click the "OK" button located in the lower left


Blackboard Tutorials - Original Course View

IT Help Desk

NOTE: Please contact the IT Help Desk as the first point of contact for Blackboard and other technology support including ShoreTel phones, group conferencing, email, MYPortal, and other University supported technologies. The Instructional Design & Development (IDD) Team will be the second point of contact for Blackboard.

Help Desk Hours
Monday through Thursday
8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

For help, email or call 734-432-5800.